10 Step to look good without makeup in 2020

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Less makeup is better, and it's always better to let your natural beauty shine and also

looking beautiful without any makeup where some people just don't like wearing makeup or

they just don't have the time so here are just a few easy steps to look presentable before

starting your day.

Step 1

Is to use a hydrophilic oil-based cleanser and it's very affordable hydrophilic oil is proven to dissolve all the makeup and dirt completely from just one use which most of the other cleansers are not capable of this way you will make sure that your skin is clean and it works for all the skin types and hydrates the skin and makes it very soft just make sure to massage it and give it a couple of minutes to work it's a very common mistake to wash your cleanser immediately after applying it this gives no time for the product to work and that right after that you have to use some foaming cleanser something very gentle so you don't irritate your skin and at the same time decom your pores this will help with pimples this will help with your general skin tone it will make it brighter and more healthy-looking and also it will help the creams to absorb better.

Step 2

Is to use eye patches not only under your eyes but also on your neck solving faults if you have wrinkles in this area or fine lines then this will help because it hydrates, and it just makes

it smoother and less visible a life changing because after that your face will always look so much fresher and nicer.

Step 3

Is to take care of your hair because obviously if your hair looks messy then your overall look will be less attractive than making sure your hair looks shiny and healthy.

Step 4

Is a super easy and affordable DIY mask that will help you to immediately get rid of blackheads what you want to do first is apply a toner and make sure to apply it with your hands so that it absorbs better then you take an egg and a paper napkin and what you do is separate whites from the yellows beat them and absorb them in the paper napkin then you apply it to your nose and wait till it dries and you'll remove it you'll see all the dirt that it sucked out of your pores and it's pretty satisfying.

Step 5

Then use a sheet mask and then lightly go over it with the Jade roller this helps for the product to absorb much faster and better and sculpt the face and the puff set it's a nice and fast way to make sure your skin looks very moisturize glow and firm.

Step 6

Is life hack that you will need two bowls one filled with hot water and other filled with ice-cold water then you soak any towel or wash clothes in the first in hot water and then you put it on your face just be careful don't put it if it's too hot like don't burn yourself just make sure to hold it for a couple of minutes and press on it also massage your face with it and then you do the same thing but with cold water what it does it wakens up your skins stimulates the blood flow and improves your skin tone makes it less gray and dull.

Step 7

Is an instant so you don't have to do much work for that and all right finally the first one is to use this product it's called Anti-Pollution Cream With Natural SPF it contains vitamin E and also has no silicons and what it does it makes your skin look tanner which number one if you're going for a party or a meeting and you need to look tan is good most of us don't like to tan because tanning causes wrinkles and then second of all Canton help to hide little blemishes and also help you to look fresher so this makes you look better instantly.

Step 8

Is a tip it’s obvious to take care of your eyebrows problem is that I don't like when your eyebrows look too thin or clean because it gives you a less natural look, what you need to do is pop only the hair that sticks out the most, make sure that you plug hair on the tails of your eyebrows especially if they go downwards this will make your eyes more uplifted and look less tired.

Step 9

The next one is easy and basic, and you just need to brush your eyebrows you can put a little bit of a gel it’s optional, it makes you look more polished and presentable.

Step 10

Is to use oils as a highlighter just put it on the tip of the cheekbones of your nose forehead and chin and gives you a very natural glow

Note: look it doesn't work for everyone because it can cause breakouts for some people so if you decide to try it then maybe search for a product that works for you.

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