10 Most romantic place in India where you can travel with your love one’s.

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Love is the key to life, travel with your partner hand in hand for adventures trip, also celebrate the spirit of love, spice up your romantic life and spending a romantic evening, Climb on the top of a mountain or while snorkeling underwater, India has many romantic

places, where you can honor your soul mate here, are few places in India.


The couple who wishes to make their love speak all the emotions to each other. All this Prefers Sikkim than any other destination in India. It does not only dig the romance up to the sky, but also have a driest with their towering, Kanchenjunga Sikkim with all the serenity and spiritual essence. Its colorful monasteries can easily get the couples the peace of mind, the need to explore the mysticism. From, Namchi, Kartok, and Phodong are few monastery's you can visit during your trips with your love one's, fringed with magnificent mountains, revolving hills, verdant plantations and rustic countryside instills the feeling of love and tenderness for each other. You can experience all of it in just a matter of five to six days.

2. Andaman

Andaman Islands of fog on the white Sun Beach of Andaman while holding your partner's hand will make you confess your love to them all over once again. That's what this surreal, a landscape of Andaman dust over spectacular three thousand islands will provide you with sheer peace to explore what beside breath away from the society, their sky and sea meet at Horizon. You might find yourself and fall in love once the again. when u is in Andaman, you cannot miss to dive in for snorkeling or scuba.

3. Ladakh

A road trip to Ladakh is probably the best example of the fact that beauty lies in the journey. where than the destination itself. Here, nature falls its beauty and brute force in the most exciting and breathtaking. At every curved, every meter scale and every prospective, there are spots that look right out of a Swiss postcard, lush green valleys, snow-capped mountains, broken wrought budgets and most vibrant colored flowers sprouting out of harsh and dry, hilly terrain. Every inch of the place is perfect for your romance.

4. Udaipur

The Udaipur is the one place where you can experience the authentic culture of Rajasthan. Just fall in love with the colors, the streets, the folk art, the music, the culture, the sunsets, and most of all, the people. this incredible journey to the city of lake’s Udaipur. The terrace is at Taj Fateh Prakash Palace not only offers the splendid view of city's famous landmarks, but also offers an amazing view of the sunset. The palace is surrounded by magnificent anomaly's and overlooks the beautiful lake, bejeweled. This makes it one of the best and extremely romantic places in the city.

5. Goa

Goa is for the party capital of India. Stunning views, mind blowing suites, cozy dinners, lovely atmosphere, hippie culture. Martini on the beach. Psychedelic parties at LPK is almost everything you need to spice your love life. And you can thrill yourself with all of that when in Gao you cannot miss that lip smacking one food. Food here is wonderfully diverse and one of the world's largest fusion foods. Own native take pride in their dishes, as do their siestas So, visit goa to spice your romantic life and spice to your taste.

6. Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is very gorgeous, and it is located off the coast of Kerala the islands of Lakshadweep with the best stored with miles of heavenly Sunkist beaches.

Avoid off the crowds, the tiny islands of bungalows surrounded by a shallow lagoon on one side and deep sea on the other can be covered by foot in fifteen to thirty minutes. Only the shallow lagoon is home to numerous seas, where as deep sea is owned to sharks, string geese and flying fishes. Take a deep breath and Explore the marine life of Lakshadweep and thrill, the adventure.

7. Kashmir

Kashmir is the heaven on earth. Every destination, whether fancy or not, instills the feeling of romance and couples. But nothing beats the beauty t in the Great Lakes of Heaven. Sprawling fields with snowcapped mountains right to seventh heaven are the board right on the most scenic lake of the earth. Yes, you can feel your trip checklist with all of that by visiting Gulmarg, spend the night in authentic Chicago. Feel the cold winds blowing through your window while watching the mesmerizing the Sunrise with your partner and explore the warmth of love.

8. Kerala

Every destination has its own charm but missing out God's own country will be a mistake. A land of gorgeous sunsets and stretches of sandy beaches. Kerala will give you immense pleasure as it has so much to offer. Beautiful temples, golden beaches, exotic palm trees, romantic blackwaters and much more. Don't dare to miss out on the antic experience of houseboats as it will merge you forever. Kerala will, make your trip memorable forever to you as it will strangle you in the very fabric of joy and love.

9. Coorg

Coorg is just 260 kilometers away from Kerala. Who wants to miss heavenly abode like Coorg, A rich cultural heritage coupled with an abundance of biodiversity is what the land of Coorg is known for. the dense woods, sprawling greens of coffee plantations and misty mountains in the western parts make for the perfect trip. If you are looking to rekindle your love while reconnecting with nature to take your romantic trip up the notch, Coorg has some handful of Romantic trip resorts that will bring back the spark in your relationship, whether it's a resort in the midst of the coffee plantation, to walk together with love ones.

10. Puducherry

Puducherry is the east Coast of India is a shining diamond which will make your trip as bright as possible. Few places in India still live up to the theme and beauty they are known for from all the places in south India Puducherry is a slew of destination that steals the heart of every romantic couple for the feel of European vacation. Plan Puducherry trip with your love ones, The Luxury of Puducherry, something you might not want to miss. Like opting for spores at Ananta resort or simply ordering snacks by the pool at a wildfire. Puducherry is home to such peace and you should not even miss such experience when with your partner.

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