If you are looking for some fun in your work this is it! We make layouts and designs that have colors of love. We are always on the lookout for designers who can show us some love by designing vibrant and love-filled wedding invites.

There are so many couples out there who want to shout-out-loud about their most precious day and what we do is make them announce their wedding in style and play a huge role in their happiness.

So all the graphic and motion designers; put on your thinking caps and pitch some original, creative designs. Designs that will make the couple and the guests tap their feet, whistle, dance, and smile and make them eagerly await the wedding day.

we are a team of designers who are always hungry for good designs. You have the liberty to work from your home or, our homely studio is always open.

All you need to do is mail us at Mention your name and Designers Diary in the subject and submit links to your designs (ecard/video) through email.

Based on your work we shall accept you on board. If chosen, you will receive a mail from our team with a confirmation of acceptance. 

We look forward to making you a part of our family!


Team - Jashn-e-Invitation